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The BACK-TRACK system
What is it?

BACK-TRACK – it’s about back injuries – how to minimise them and how to help those that may already be suffering with an injured back.

BACK-TRACK is being used by thousands of employees across the UK resulting in significant reductions in injuries and is also being used by organisations to help individuals speed up their rehabilitation and assist with managing the return to work process.


Stooping like this is an accepted risk factor for back injury. Repeated loading can cause permanent damage to the back. BACK-TRACK vibrates to remind the user that they are using a potentially hazardous lifting technique. Data is uploaded to a web-based reporting system.

The BACK-TRACK system
Who is it for?

BACK-TRACK is suitable for organisations that have employees who experience occupational back injuries. BACK-TRACK is being used to prevent injuries in healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, retail and most other industrial sectors.

In sectors where back injuries are less commonplace such as in offices, BACK-TRACK may be used to assist the rehabilitation process for those returning to work following a back related absence and also for those suffering with ongoing back pain.

For higher risk sectors, i.e. where occupational back injuries will be one of the leading causes of absence, we would recommend the preventative
BACK-TRACK Manual Handling Competency Programme.

The BACK-TRACK system
How does it work?

The BACK-TRACK device contains some very clever electronics that detect:-

Movement – used to detect walking.
Angular rotation – used to detect stooping.
Free-fall – used to detect falling – such as jumping from a vehicle’s tailgate or cab.

The BACK-TRACK system
Will it work in your organisation?

BACK-TRACK can be implemented in a number of ways and a BACK-TRACK Pro-kit containing 10 BACK-TRACK devices is a great place to start. Pro-kits are ideal for managing the return to work process and aiding the rehabilitation of individuals with existing back issues.

Pro-kits are also suitable to assist in the prevention of back injuries and are used for Induction of new employees, to engage individuals in Manual Handling refresher training and for many organisations, for focusing on “hot-spots” of back related issues.

For implementation options providing protection for a large group of people, for example, TNT or Allied Bakeries who use BACK-TRACK’s Competency Programme in multiple sites across the UK, or Coca Cola Enterprises who have made BACK-TRACK usage mandatory in their UK warehouses. Options exist to purchase or lease the

BACK-TRACK prompts the wearer using a vibration alert if it detects any of these which raises awareness and brings about a gradual behaviour change. The device uploads the collected data to a web interface for review.


The BACK-TRACK system
How well does it work?

Amazingly! BACK-TRACK is a unique concept and has evolved whilst working with development partners over the last five years. It is only now, with thousands of devices in use and years' worth of data, that sufficient evidence is available to make BACK-TRACK commercially available to employers and to give them the confidence that BACK-TRACK does make a significant difference in reducing back injuries and the related issues. Just look at the evidence...